Friday, May 2, 2008

Seldom, often, never

Am I bitter? Phugginay I'm bitter. And jaded, pissed, angry, outraged, marginalized, dismissed, ignored, kicked, abused, battered, disillusioned, cynical, less than hopeful, disadvantaged, unrepresented, lied to, downtrodden, cussed at, pissed on, tired, cold, wet, hungry and thirsty.

The way I see it, that makes me an average American. Not Lazarus' huddled masses, just one of them.

Am I proud of America? Not so much. I'm proud of Americans because I know we're out here yearning for better, working for better, fighting for better. Do I accept the Love it or Leave it brigade's challenge?
Hell no, I don't even accept their premise.

In short. This is America

This is NOT

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larue said...

Another one goes yard, Rehctaw.