Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who's the fool?

Out of all the half-baked , delusional , silly, baseless, clueless attacks on Barack Obama's candidacy. The one I find most interesting is the claims of his having a blind, cult-like following. That he has Svengali powers. That he's JUST an empty suit with charisma. OR that he's a modern day Hitler . That millions of Americans have simply lost their minds and risk dragging everyone else down the rabbit hole with them.


McCain's millions are sane? They can listen to his gaffes, stumbles, inept attempts at self-effacing humor and find stregth, wisdom and leadership qualities?
Hillary's millions are practical, sensible, clear-eyed and rational? "It ain't over until the lady in the pantsuit says it's over."?
But somehow, after enduring 30 years of having their cheerios pissed on, being dismissed and marginalized, seeing their core beliefs raped, their dreams shattered then pillaged and burned for profit, that their willingness to accept, support and vigorously stand up for a candidate who shares their dissapointment, anger, frustration and promises a different approach makes them suspect? Because he's asked people to join him rather than follow him? Because he has basically said I don't have all the right answers, but I've watched enough of the wrong answers hold sway that I think I can offer a new perspective, a different approach, a CHANGE?


Have we been velocitized that much? I must admit, I jumped ship a while ago, so the doppler effect may come into play. The "greatest president evah" made me do it when he kicked this pig into overdrive. A confluence of less than admirable human traits was cultivated, harnessed and deployed upon a laissez faire world. While my peers and neighbors have been upwardly mobile, I've been settled in, riding it out; waiting for the insanity to pass.
So who's the fool? I didn't grab the gusto. I didn't join the game of musical chairs that's propelled us and our economy into Reagan's nightmare.


Just wow. The music CAN'T stop. Not now. Not yet.

My uncle Spud had a sign in his office that read: "Hang tough. When the smoke clears you'll still have the keys to the store."
I can't say for certain that an Obama presidency will fix what needs fixin'. In fact, I'm a complete skeptic on that aspect. Inertia is a bitch. We'll probably continue to pretend we live in a market economy. That the speed bumps we've been hitting will pass and the road ahead is smooth. That the fluid dripping on us is liquid sunshine and Ronald Wilson Reagan is still showing us the way.


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