Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's Two fer Tuesday

About now I was planning to unveil my metaphor: Life is like a sphincter.
Instead I'll keep plowing through the people, places and things that led to
my current ways of processing information.

There's bound to be a doctoral thesis on the effects of authoritarian education
in the 60's, followed by exposure to counter-culture ideas that led to a meandering informal exploration of all that taboo and forbidden shit that would lead to eternal damnation. Vicariously at first using the observational skills and threat assessment tools hammered home by sadistic, but well meaning, nuns. Then again, that's a very large segment of the population's background and credentials.

Gripping ain't it? Yeah, me neither.

This is seriously deranged stuff.

Which brings me to >drumroll<

Mr. P.S. Mueller.

Sick, twisted funny, funny man.

P.S. Mueller

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