Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Close enough for Government work.

Top Ten Reasons Hillary should stay in the race.

10. Eliminates bogging the courts down with divorce filings, restraining orders, violations of restraning orders, depositions, parsings.

9. This has been the best quality time spent with Chelsea. For years I've told her I am to be adored, but she was always a skeptic.

8. The money is still flowing. People are still buying. The store stays open.

7. Though I've finally identified most of the voices in my head. There are still a couple hold-outs. I've successfully assimilated all of the weaker ones. With your help and forebearance, I will become whole.

6. Can you imagine my life with Bill if he's able to hold this against me for the rest of it? I'm not saying we're competitive that way, but...

5. Novak et al are on the verge of massive aneurisms. A few days, a month or two at the outside and my work will be done.

4. You only go around once in life, you have to grab for all the gusto you can.

3. I will end no whine before its time.

2. The seat belt light is still on, the aircraft has not come to a full and complete stop at the gate and my tray table isn't fully locked in the upright position.

But seriously folks,

1. Democracy is messy.
By today's standards, I'm a Democrat. (Hell, we let Lieberman caucus with us.) My husband and myself played no small part in the party's fall from favor. Despite what's been hyped, my participation in this race has helped people put some of that behind them. After all, I didn't tell Michigan and Florida to screw it up worse than it was. If I bow out, this can and will happen again.

It will be a brokered convention decided by the super-delegates. Loyal Democrats will have their process, flaws and all, at the end of which a candidate, a platform and a party will have confronted their demons. Dissected and parsed ad nauseum by a media that needs to confront its own flaws and demons.
When I am not the candidate who emerges from the convention as the nominee, I will return to my Senatorial duties with a richer, fuller understanding of everything that has transpired on this campaign.

I'm a practical politician who has been on a journey. It's a journey few get to make. When we apply what we've learned, we will all benefit from the experience.

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