Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who we be

How civilized we've become. How politically correct. How covertly, insidiously dishonest.
Everybody knows that we've had the national conversations that were necessary. Yes indeed. Talked it all out and now everything's just peachy. Anyone who fails to see that? Well, there's just no satisfying some people.

Racism, sexism, gender inequality, nationalism, patriotism, militarism, corporatism, greed, crime, poverty, hunger, ennui... Those were tough issues to face. Thankfully we no longer need to. Even bringing them up now is pointless since they are no longer a problem. The solutions been woven into the fabric of America. Accepted today as the tenets of our democracy, just as the founders set them out.

Still have a problem with things? Get over it. As an American citizen your concerns and interests are competently articulated by the media, in a civil manner, with pre-eminent scholars, thinkers, theologians, philosophers, politicians and sociologists providing the necessary depth and breadth of viewpoints and understanding to assure that nothing has been left to fester.

One need only look to the universality of religious and academic agreements to know that things are going well.

Compared to the difficult dark ages of human inter-relationships, today's discourse is far superior, far more engaging, far more open-minded.

Consider how hard it was to even approach issues in the past. Getting knowledgeable people to
discuss things calmly and rationally on subjects that fostered a better understanding...

Thank goodness we no longer have to endure such awkwardness.

In contrast, this is much better?


Blue Gal said...

What's sad is, I don't even have to watch the videos to know you're right. (Keep it up, Grandson.)

Anonymous said...

Great post hoss. The clips really hit me hard.

1) Grand as Dr. King is ANYTIME he spoke, I cringe and shake at the term "New Negro". Yeah, them were the times, and clip one was a good intellectual discussion. Still, I cringe and shake.

2) Clip two, I just spit on. With great delight.

I spit on Tweety, and Ferraro.

I spit on them all.

They and their kinds will hold us all back another generation or more. Course it won't matter as they die, and many of us do, too . . .

Sadly, hard times, food shortages, reduced transportation of goods and humans, and fuel and energy shortages are coming for the entire population of this planet, and both the racist and ugly of all sorts, along with the good and just, are gonna die.

I look for 25% of the earth's population to go by by in the next 20 years. Maybe more, up to 50% if energy issues cut electricity and power as the earth grows hotter.

I mean, can I expect to live in Sacramento, in my 70's, without A/C in the summer when it's 110F?

And the equator and dry and hot ranges will expand north and south a LOT in 20 years from global warming.

Hell, in 5 years we're gonna see millions of millions die from starvation and disease in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, just from a lack of food.

God HELP Australia, with its drought and increasing need for outside help. But what if energy prices preclude DELIVERING supplies to them? Or anyone else? THAT energy curve is close, oh so close.

My only joy is knowing the racist and ugly will die as me and mine will in our final 20 years to come.

I take great consolation in that, and I offer great hope for the future that those who survive will know better how to operate this thing called homo sapiens.

Here's hoping YOU Rechtaw are one of the survivors.

Get some seeds, and a freezer hoss. ;-)