Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stray frayed thoughts

"You are then presuming that those policies were not chosen or implemented by a US government elected (re-elected) by a majority of the people."

Ouch! What are the "yeah, buts" for this? There are quibbles to be sure. The majority don't vote. All elections are pluralities of the eligible voters, andonandon.
In the end, when the actual votes are counted 2 beats 1. 3 beats 2.

"So, how did the election turn out for you?"
That question was hurled at me by the incumbent mayor
of a little village. I had volunteered for his opponent.

"Very close. 51 to 49%. If 80 people had swung the other way,
that smirk would be upside down." sez me.

"Yeah, but I won!" sez he.

At that moment I contemplated not the truth of the matter, but whether to risk felony charges for knocking the smirk off, and doing a dance on, his face. Primitive thoughts I admit, but not without reason.
I'm only human.

Such are the moments of my life.

We come to the nature and importance of proxies. That is the essence of your vote. Set it, forget it.
What's the worst that could happen?

Well sure, there's that...


Anonymous said...

It's pretty much the way of the world.

Make yer choices, decisions.

N that's that. The rest we can't control.

Too bad, given OTHER people's choices and decisions!!!! ;-)

Rehctaw said...

That's a rationalization. Who Sez so?

That's resigning yourself to a proxied position of weakness.

Do you seriously think given better choices, we wouldn't make better ones?

Not to mention that regurgitating this shit is exactly what you're trained to do?