Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the award for best evah goes to... -OR- "Once Started IS Half Finished"

The MSM still doesn't get it. They're still deeply embedded in
Opposite World. As though, by sheer force of their will, the new
administration will conform to their needs.

Knock off the swagging, the prognosticating and reflective sublimating engrained
by peckerwood hucksters and just report the fucking news. Don't tell us what's going to happen based on file footage and grainy newsreels, stop looking for the hook, and fer lawds sake stop asking each other what this means to YOU!.

New dynamics are unfolding. Stop trotting out the broken down nags from your cultivated corral. It don't fit. You look silly. You look like shit.
Your digestive system can't deal with it so your excrement stinks.

Smarter people than you are now calling the shots. You can stop looking for the pony.
Turn around and contemplate the mountain of horseshit you need to clean up. You don't expect us to do it for you do you? Of course you do, but it ain't gonna happen this time.

You can't flip a switch, throw it back to the studio or fix it in editing. Grab a broom, mop and a fucking shovel and get to it. Your on air face-time should be limited to apologies for the disservice you have given to your audience and to your profession.

Watching you try to change your stripes is comedy. We need NEWS.

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Anonymous said...

It would be comedy if it weren't so fucking destructive to our polity. These motherfuckers are a fucking disgrace. Fucking assholes. JUST SHUT UP!